Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday at Kingsley House

Today Nativity's youth spent the day at Kingsley House, an amazing organization. We divided into groups when we arrived. Some of us spent the morning helping in a senior citizens adult day care center. Gracie told us about a "God moment" when the seniors had daily devotions and all started singing together, knowing the songs by heart. Our youth prayed with them, played games and talked with them. A second group went to the gym, where they helped supervise 10-12 year old kids in a summer camp. I joined the third group in a Head Start preschool classroom, where we helped teach and play with 4-year-old children. What an amazing experience! The director of the program teared up as she thanked us for our work. Jasmine told us about "God moments" as kids played and lit up at our presence.

We all left feeling like we had made great new friends, young and old. I have lots more to tell, but it's lights out time.

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